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USB Pass Through/USB Charger for Prado 150, LC200,2016 Hilux and More

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  • 1 Amp Charging Top Port
  • Full Data/Audio USB Pass Through Bottom Port
  • 110 cm USB lead
  • 200 cm Power leads with fuse (enough to reach drivers side fuse box or through firewall)

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The Audio Pass Through socket are a great piece of Solid Kit.

If you have a Toyota and have either upgraded the Audio system, fitted a DVD monitor with USB input, or installed some sort of awesome sound system / Media PC and need an original looking USB input – then these are for you.

The Audio Pass Through USB Charger is a perfect fit for the standard Toyota 32mm x 22mm switch socket.  It has similar form to the OEM switches so it does not  look out of place.

Hidden Blue LEDs light up blue when power is connected or a USB connection is made to the back of the unit.


  • Installation of the Dual USB Charger is a snap (quite literally).
  • Once your switch blank is removed, it is quite simply a matter of pushing the Audio/USB Charger in place.
  • They are nice snug fit, so be prepared to put a little pressure on them. Once in place they are held tight by locking tabs and do not budge.
  • Power wiring is as simple as connecting two wires.  The positive wire is connected to your preferred power source.  You have several options here:
  • a) Connect to an “IGN” source to have the Dual USB Charger come on when you switch on your car
    b) Connect to an “ALWAYS ON” source if you prefer to leave them on the entire time. Current Draw is .85 Ah per day when left in standby “ALWAYS ON”


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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 cm