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MEGA Fuse Holder ONLY

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Ideal for Solar and Dual Battery installations

Use with MEGA Fuse up to 500 Amp

Interlocking design to create MEGA Fuse Blocks

8mm (5/16″)  studs

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Package Includes:

1 x MEGA Fuse Holder ONLY

(Mega Fuses available separately)

Solid Kit MEGA Fuse Holder

Perfect for Dual Battery Systems, Solar Systems and front to rear of vehicle cable runs.

MEGA Fuse Holder by LittelFuse

Robust build quality, perfect for use in Australian conditions & 4WD

Simple and cost-effective fuse solution

If you are installing a Dual Battery System yourself, make sure both batteries are fused. 
Many installers forget to install fuses on each end, thinking one is good enough.  If you have a cable short, a single fuse will blow to be sure – BUT – in a Dual Battery System your auxilliary battery will continue to provide current, at the very least providing some interesting lighting effects, at the very worst arcing to the body and creating a major fire hazard.

Unprotected cables will rub against the body and eventually rub through and short out.  If you are driving a lot, and particularly over harsh terrain, then you need to pay extra attention to cable protection and fuses.

Regardless of what type of Dual Battery System or Solar installation you have, it needs to be fused.

These MEGA Fuse Holders can be used with any MEGA Fuse size, up to 500 Amp.

The MEGA Fuse Holders have 8mm (5/16″)  studs


The MEGA Fuse Holder can be screwed to a suitable location.  We often mount them directly on top of the battery, using automotive grade double sided mounting tape (VHB type tape).

The MEGA Fuse Holder can also be GANGED together, to create a MEGA Fuse Block.


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Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 cm