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Heat Shrink Connectors 30 Pack

Heat Shrink Connectors 30 Pack


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Package = 10 each of:

  • Yellow Butt Connectors (AWG10 – AWG12/6mm-5mm)
  • Blue butt Connectors (AWG14 – AWG16 / 3mm-4mm)
  • Red Butt Connectors (< AWG 16 /< 3mm)

KrimpaSeal Heathrink Connectors

These KrimpaSeal heatshrink connectors are used in all of our installs, ESPECIALLY wiring which is exposed to the elements.  Solid Kit is what we are all about, and these give you the most solid connections in the industry.

Some examples of where we have used these include:

  • Connector wires to driving lights and roof-mounted LED light bars
  • Rock lights and reverse lights
  • Boating – Trailer wiring, deck lights, nav lights, bilge pumps and outboard motor wiring
  • Trailers
  • Campervans and Camper Trailer wiring
  • Vehicle and House Roof Mounted Solar Panels

We use them everywhere!  We have used the entire range of KrimpaSeal products for several years and have yet to be disappointed with their performance.

Reasons we choose KrimpaSeal:

made in the USA


  • The best heat shrink connector on the market – without question
  • Manufactured in the USA to National Standards Quality
  • UL Certified and MIL SPEC certified
  • Used extensively in Defence Forces, Mining, Emergency Services, Transport and Logistics
  • Contains higher quantity and quality adhesive than others, making for a uniform fill and subsequent ingress protection
  • Better adhesion means better tension relief on the cable.  Holding the cable tight with good quality adhesive minimises movement and ingress of foreign matter (water and dust).  This makes it less likely to fail from movement and vibration.


Tips and Tricks for a Solid connection

  • Use good quality ratchet-style crimpers, with rounded (not square) crimp dies for the best result
  • Fit is everything. Make sure you choose the right connector for the wire diameter
  • You can double wire over to get a tighter fit.
  • Don’t expose too much wire when stripping.  You don’t need any more than 10mm
  • If combining 2 or more wires, triple your stripping, fan them out, interweave and twist.  Trim back the excess to 10 mm with sidecutters prior to crimping
  • Apply heat slowly and lightly. You can see when the adhesive softens and runs as it goes clear
  • Heat from the middle of the barrel out, one side at a time

ALWAYS pull-test your connections. Don’t be scared, just do it. Rather have it fail in the garage than on the road.  A good solid connection shouldn’t budge.

How to use Heat Shrink Connetors


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