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Fuzeblock FZ-1 Compact Fuse Block & Relay

Fuzeblock FZ-1 Compact Fuse Block & Relay


FZ-1 Includes:

  • FZ-1 Fuzeblock
  • 6 Fuses (2,3*2,5,10*2)
  • Mounting Plate
  • Mounting Hardware (screws/nuts)

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Fuzeblock FZ-1 Compact Fuse Block 30 Amp

  • Compact 6 Way Fuse Block – replaces mutiple bulky components
  • Onboard Relay for ignition switched applications
  • Simple installation – no soldering or crimping required
  • Fits in tight spaces
    • Under bonnet
    • Behind Dash, under console
    • Under bike seat

One of the most innovative products we have seen in a long time. Regardless of whether you are wiring an Adventure Bike or 4×4, at some point you will need to decide to wire your accessories to Ignition (can only be on with the ignition on) or direct to your battery for constant power.  Each has pro’s and con’s, but more often than not the choice means completely different wiring.

The FZ-1 gives you the best of both worlds.  Simple, solder-free and crimp-free installation, and the ability to choose between constant power or ignition-switched by simply relocating a fuse.

If you are starting out wiring your new toy, then make this a foundation piece of your wiring. Once it is in place, adding additional electrical accessories will be very simple.

A weather Resistant flame retardant (UL 94-5VA) ABS Cover

  • Onboard diodes to prevent transient voltages
  • Max 10 Amps per circuit
  • Relay Total 30A
  • Constant Power Total 30A
  • Max Ampersage FZ-1 All Circuits = 30 AMP
  • Heavy duty screw terminals
  • Takes wire gauges up to 12AWG
  • Mini fuse
  • Spare Fuse holders
  • Compact Design: L 85mm x W 65mm x H 32mm

Click the Fuzeblock for Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions .85 × 6.5 × 3.2 cm