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Enerdrive EN61001 Voltage Sensing Relay for Dual Battery Systems – Solar Ready

Enerdrive EN61001 Voltage Sensing Relay for Dual Battery Systems – Solar Ready


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There are many options for a dual battery system.  The Enerdrive Voltage Sensing Relay is a no-nonsense dual battery isolator.

After scanning the market for a cost effective battery isolator, these have been chosen for the following reasons

  • Design based on a tried and tested VSR
  • Dual Sensing – detects voltage of both batteries, and will connect when either reaches full charge i.e. 13.3 Volts,  and disconnect when charging voltage is no longer available i.e. below 12.8 Volts
  • Works effectively with Low Voltage Alternators
  • Value for money
  • Resin-coated internals designed for harsh marine and outback environments
  • Rated to 140 Amp, approx double of what most alternators are capable of delivering
  • Surge Protection
  • LED indicator showing relay connected

If you are look to set up a no-fuss, robust, dual battery system – these offer the best bang for buck on the market.  They are half to a third of the cost of other systems, and every bit as good (if not better).

Dual Sensing

Dual Sensing means it measures the voltage of each battery at the terminal.  This simple feature increases the verstality of the system.

Under normal Vehicle Charging, the engine is running and the alternator output is around 14 volts.  As the start battery reaches full charge, the relay connects and the batteries are joined.  The AUX battery then receives charge and your arrive at your campsite, or fishing site with a fully charged pair of batteries

After setting up camp for a day or so, and using your fridge, lights, coffee grinder (!) etc your battery has used up a percentage of its charge.

You break out the solar panels, and clamp them straight onto your AUX battery.  The solar panels charge your AUX battery, and the AUX battery reverts to a state of full charge.
The Enerdrive VSR will connect back to the Main battery, and top it up, so when you go to start the car it is in a fully charged state.  Doing this will keep your Main battery fully charged and ultimately extend it’s life.

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Dimensions 17 × 11 × 7 cm